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Typemill version 2 is here and we have an exciting roadmap for 2024! Stay in the loop by subscribing to our newsletter:

  • Typemill 2.2.0: Say Hello to Kixote


    Typemill 2.2.0 has been released, introducing an additional interface named "Kixote"! We've also published all the information about the upcoming license.

  • Typemill 2.1.0: New Security Features


    Typemill 2.1.0 is now available, focusing on new security features like a login verification code for enhanced protection against password theft.

  • Typemill 2: eBook Publishing is Back

    | Sebastian

    The eBook plugin for Typemill Version 2 has undergone a comprehensive update and is now available for download.

  • Typemill Version 2 is Here

    | Sebastian Schürmanns

    Version 2 of Typemill is now available. You can download the latest version from the Typemill startpage or directly from GitHub.

  • Release Candidate 2 for Typemill

    | Sebastian Schürmanns

    The second release candidate of Typemill V2 is available for download.

  • Release Candidate 1 for Typemill

    | Sebastian Schürmanns

    The first release candidate of Typemill V2 is available for download.

  • A first developer release of Typemill 2.0.0

    | Sebastian Schürmanns

    This is your chance to provide some feedback before the official release of Typemill 2.0.0 will be published in some weeks.

  • Typemill V2: Meta and more

    | Sebastian Schürmanns

    With the meta tabs, another milestone of Typemill version 2 is ready and the frontend page is also visible again.

  • Typemill V2: The Editor

    | Sebastian Schürmanns

    Another step has been taken: The Visual Editor has been refactored for version 2 of Typemill. Much has been optimised in the background, while the interface remains familiar.

  • Typemill V2: A Better Navigation

    | Sebastian Schürmanns

    With Typemill's interactive page navigation, editors can quickly and intuitively edit the content structure of the website. Version 2 of Typemill makes the editors' work even easier.

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