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Ingetration of MailerLite form in frontend

  • Release Candidate 1 for Typemill

    | Sebastian Schürmanns

    The first release candidate of Typemill V2 is available for download.

  • A first developer release of Typemill 2.0.0

    | Sebastian Schürmanns

    This is your chance to provide some feedback before the official release of Typemill 2.0.0 will be published in some weeks.

  • Typemill V2: Meta and more

    | Sebastian Schürmanns

    With the meta tabs, another milestone of Typemill version 2 is ready and the frontend page is also visible again.

  • Typemill V2: The Editor

    | Sebastian Schürmanns

    Another step has been taken: The Visual Editor has been refactored for version 2 of Typemill. Much has been optimised in the background, while the interface remains familiar.

  • Typemill V2: A Better Navigation

    | Sebastian Schürmanns

    With Typemill's interactive page navigation, editors can quickly and intuitively edit the content structure of the website. Version 2 of Typemill makes the editors' work even easier.

  • Typemill Version 2 is comming

    | Sebastian Schürmanns

    Typemill has gained a lot of popularity over the last five years. It got more 360 stars on GitHub and was covered by some major technology websites, including Heise Online. That is amazing, taking into account that it started as a very small private project in 2017.

  • Version with small fixes

    | Sebastian Schürmanns

    Typemill updates some dependencies and fixes issues with the captcha feature and the table of contents element.

  • Version Docker and fixes

    | Sebastian Schürmanns

    Thanks to Matthieu Borgognon Typemill has now a docker support!! There was an inofficial docker container for Typemill before, but now it is provided directly with the github-version of Typemill. That is pretty cool!

  • Version Fixes and a Glossary Style

    | Sebastian Schürmanns

    Typemill contains some fixes and adds a new option to the standard cyanine theme to display pages or posts inside a folder in a glossary style.

  • Version Fix Upload Security

    | Sebastian Schürmanns

    Version is a security upload that fixes a vulnerability with the file upload and the access of files. You should update to this latest version.

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