V. 2.4.3

Published on 04.05.2024

  • Fixed navigation after sorting or deleting base items.
  • Fixed shortcode component.
  • Updated file component in forms.
  • Published the embed plugin.
  • Published the ebookproducts plugin.

V. 2.4.2

Published on 24.04.2024

  • New: A role "guest" with no rights. A guest can only login and see frontend pages for website that require an authentication.
  • New: Option to login with a link for userrole "guest". Use it to link from your software to a restricted Typemill-website that requires authentication (system -> developer).
  • New: Configure target page for redirect after login (system -> access).
  • Fixed: Paging in the media-library works again now.
  • Fixed: Fix redirect loop and switched middleware from authorization to authentication for restricted websites.
  • Fixed: Table of contents also work now if headlines do not follow sequential order.
  • Updatd The search plugin, compatible with version 2.4.0 now.

V. 2.4.1

Published on 16.04.2024

Fixed table component for visual editor.

V. 2.4.0

Published on 15.04.2024

  • Improved: Refactored navigation cache and improved performance in author area for actions like publish, unpublish, or delete.
  • Improved: Version 2.1.0 of the Cyanine theme with fixes and a better logic for the landingpage intro segment.
  • New: Added a new role "manager" with the same rights as the admin but without access to the user- and license-management.
  • Published: An official demo website where you can try out Typemill online without registration.
  • Published: Giuseppe Chiesa updated the RSS-plugin based on the work of Andreas Zettl.
  • Published: I updated the mermaid-plugin from Jeong-Ho, Eun.
  • Fixed: Disabled copy & paste in tables for now because there is a strange bug with vue and no solution yet.
  • Fixed: Default author is now shown in articles and blogs again.

V. 2.3.3

  • Published the SEO-plugin for Typemill.
  • Improved: Admin can now change the password of users, users can change only if valid old password is added.
  • Fixed: Admin not logged out after deleting user.
  • Fixed: Changed dependency slim-psr7 to dev-master to support messages v2.

V. 2.3.1 / 2.3.2

Published on 17.03.2024

  • Added a remote validation for license-data in case no openSSL-library is installed on the server.
  • Refactored License model, switched to curl and file_get_contents as fallback, added a testcall to license server.

V. 2.3.0

Published on 15.03.2024

  • Added Pagination for image library to improve performance.
  • Added: Links to theme- and plugin-directory.
  • Improved: Messages in editor fade slowly now so you see when it is reloaded.
  • Improved: Check unsafed changes if user switches editor mode (issue 454)
  • Updated Several new and fixed translations.
  • Updated Documentation for theme developers.
  • Fixed: Image sizes after upload so it does not get squeezed in frontend
  • Fixed: Close edit mode before delete a block (issue 447)
  • Fixed: Slug "tm" in root rejected (issue 448)
  • Fixed: Default settings in plugins and themes are loaded now.
  • Fixed: Fix shortcodeBlock so it also processes inline text following the opening block.
  • Fixed: Stop session if user deletes own account.
  • New Plugin: Published the HTML-plugin.
  • New Plugin: Published the register-plugin.

V. 2.2.2

Published on 05.03.2024

  • Added v1-feature to open a new block after safe the last block.
  • Added buttons to align columns of tables.
  • Added force base url for proxy detection in developer settings.
  • Refactored refactored and finished license classes.
  • Fixed error when first item of folder is folder again in folder model.
  • Fixed inline-format for ordered lists, unordered lists, blockquotes, and unified logic of elements.
  • Fixed resize textarea after adding link with inline-format.
  • Fixed add link with inline-format after enter key.
  • Fixed overlapping buttons in blox editor.
  • Fixed wrong keyPathArray and refactored logic, so live-navigations are now created from draft navigations to preserve keys.
  • Fixed typo refItem for reference feature.
  • Fixed error if theme setting is string.
  • Fixed error for empty plugin folder.
  • Redesigned websites for plugins, themes, and ebooks.
  • Published booklayouts for ebook plugin.
  • Updated the themes learn, dev, and personal.

V. 2.2.1

Published on 16.02.2024

  • Fixed file downloads and refactored the downloadController completely.

V. 2.2.0

Published on 15.02.2024

  • Feature: Kixote, a new admin interface for commands and prompts.
  • Feature: Clear cache with Kixote.
  • Feature: Clear navigation with Kixote.
  • Feature: Show and clear security log with Kixote.
  • Feature: Fix and finish all translations and finalize translation scripts.
  • Refactor: Refactor and finish all classes and code for upcoming licenses.
  • Fix: Allow gifs for image uploads.
  • Fix: Add settings for Display error details to slim error handling.
  • Documentation: Added and reviewed a lot of documentation pages.
  • Documentation: Added information and legal documents for license.
  • Additions: Refactored paddle plugin and license server.

V. 2.1.2

  • Fix: Error changing themes.
  • Fix: Wrong format in initial setup (array instead of flat key-values).
  • Fix: Wrong open close behavior of new blocks in visual editor.
  • Fix: Link design overlay in visual editor.
  • Fix: Meta for copied pages if copied now.
  • Fix: Added missing deletePluginData in plugin class.
  • Fix: Collapse/expand works with urls instead of names now (for same names in several trees).
  • Fix: Owner name instead of false in page meta.
  • Fix: Default for fullname in user class.
  • Fix: Use of self in callables in parsedown-extension

V. 2.1.1

  • Fix: Only remove standard ports from url instead of all ports.
  • Addition: Added Dockerimage to repository again.

V. 2.1.0

  • Feature: Reference in meta tabs (redirect, copy or external link).
  • Feature: Login verification.
  • Feature: Add a simpleMail model for phpmail.
  • Feature: Send a test e-mail in e-mail-settings.
  • Feature: CSP Middleware for web-routes with option to add csp-domains in settings, plugins, and themes, option to disable csp headers on single page or whole website.
  • Feature: Add cors header middleware to all api endpoints and option to whitelist domains in settings.
  • Feature: Add and remove custom headers middleware with option in settings.
  • Feature: Remove basic auth credentials middleware.
  • Feature: Reactivate proxy detection.
  • Refactor: Urlinfo, delete port from uri and integrate basic proxy detection.
  • Fix: Increase chars of text field to 1000.
  • Fix: Fileupload error and mtype check for certain environments.
  • Fix: Error in download response if no file found.
  • Fix: Error in license model.
  • Fix: Ensure password constraints are consistent between sign-up and sign-in.

V. 2.0.3

  • Fixed meta event in metacontroller
  • Changed update settings
  • Published ebook plugin

V. 2.0.2

  • Fixed author in meta for articles and posts
  • Fixed error for folder navigation
  • Fixed captcha.
  • Fixed plugin validations
  • Add secure session
  • Fixed bug when add manual date for posts

V. 2.0.1

  • Fixed footer in cyanine theme
  • Fix validation when move base folder
  • Remove hidden pages from folder
  • Added pagelist extension for news
  • Fix customcss for themes

V. 2.0.0

Everything is new.