Usecases for Typemill

Typemill is a web content management system (CMS). You can create any kind of website with it. With a focus on content, a clear hierarchical structure, and its unique ability to produce ebooks (PDF and ePub), it is often used by small companies to create documentations for software, products, or services.

Since Typemill is open source, we do not know about all the websites built with Typemill. But we can provide some insights based on client work, support contacts, and general feedback.

Software Documentation

A medium-sized software company in Germany uses Typemill to produce documentation for their software products. The documentation is available both as a website and as a PDF. This is probably one of the most common scenarios for Typemill, and many small and mid-sized companies use Typemill for this purpose.

Foundation Website and Annual Reports

A Swiss foundation uses Typemill for their public website and to create annual reports based on the website's content. This is another perfect use case for Typemill, since the majority of foundations are small and they usually need both a website and reports in PDF format.

Internal IT Documentation

An institute of a well-known scientific society in Germany uses Typemill for internal IT documentation. This is another typical use case for Typemill, and many universities, institutes, and healthcare institutions use Typemill for their internal project and IT documentations.

Product Manuals

A mid-sized German company uses Typemill to produce various manuals for their product assortment. They developed their own ebook template for this purpose and also invested in new features that are now part of the official ebook plugin of Typemill.

Project Documentation

Several users who work in well-known academic organizations around the world use Typemill to document ongoing projects. A reason for this might be the clear hierarchical structure and the intuitive authoring interface, which is quite rare in the space of lightweight CMS.

Employer Handbook

A small company in Germany uses Typemill to publish an internal employer handbook as both a website and a PDF ebook. The handbook is only accessible to registered users with different roles and editor rights, a feature that is included in the core version of Typemill.

Web Magazine

A German web magazine uses Typemill to produce monthly magazines in PDF and ePub formats. The web content is published with WordPress, so it requires a bit of copy & paste. If you plan a new magazine, it makes sense to use Typemill for the web version, too.

Academic Publication

There are several examples where users published their academic research as a website with Typemill. There are some really nice examples on the web, with topics like local history or medical research.

Special Interest Website

Initially, Typemill was developed and used for a special interest publication about content management systems (CMS). The website still exists and has gained a lot of traction in the past. There are also some PDF reports about content management niches, as well as a newsletter integration, special content for registered users, integration of external databases, and some other plugins that have been designed especially for this purpose.