eBook Plugin Installation

With the eBook plugin for Typemill, you can create professional eBooks (PDF and ePUB) from your website with some simple clicks. You can install the eBook plugin in some very simple steps:

  • Download the eBook-plugin from the plugin page.
  • Extract the zip-folder.
  • Upload the extracted folder "ebooks" into the folder /plugins of your Typemill website.

Make data-folder writable

The eBook-plugin will create a new root-folder called "data", if it does not exist yet. Make sure that Typemill can create that folder, or create that folder manually with your FTP software.

#Activate the eBook plugin

If you successfully uploaded the eBook plugin to your Typemill website, then you can simply activate it in the plugin area:

  • Login to your typemill website.
  • Go to -> settings -> plugins.
  • Search for the eBook-plugin and activate it.
  • Choose the mode you want to use.

The plugin provides two different scenarios:

  • eBooks in Settings: In this mode the admin will see a new navigation item called "ebooks" in the settings area. The admin can create and manage one ebook from the whole Typemill website.
  • eBooks in Pages: In this mode all editors will see a new tab called "ebooks" in all pages. Editors can create multiple eBooks from different pages or areas of the website.

With the first option you can write and produce a single eBook from a typemill website. This is probably the best option for individual eBook autors. The second scenario is probably more useful for companies, who want to publish more then one publication based on a Typemill website. Think about several documentations for different target-groups, annual reports or similar corporate publications.

#Preconditions for PDF

With the eBook plugin the user can generate a HTML-preview of the eBook and then generate a PDF-version with the local printer-driver. Please make sure that you have installed the following software:

  • The browsers Chrome, Chromium, Brave or Opera.
  • A local pdf printer.

In your PDF printer configurations please check the following extended settings:

  • Set margins to “none”
  • Uncheck “Headers and footers” or set them to none
  • Check “Background graphics”

The result of your pdf will highly depend on your local printer-driver for PDF documents.

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