Publish Pages

Nearly all content management systems provide standard features like these:

  • Save a draft.
  • Publish a page.
  • Unpublish a page, and...
  • Delete a page

But sometimes this is not enough. Imagine a well-performing content-page that needs some updates and revisions. Many CMS don't have a solution for this, so you have to depublish the page, change it, and then publish it again. This is pretty odd, and if the page is offline for several days it might even loose its ranking in google.

Typemill is much smarter here, because you can keep the original version online while you store and revise a new draft in the background. This way, you can work on your changes as long as you want. And if you're, ready you can simply publish the new version and overwrite the original one. Everything with just one click in the publishing panel at the bottom of the page:

In the publishing panel, you can immediately see if the page is online or offline and if the page has unpublished changes or not. You can also check the status of all pages of your website, because all pages that are not published yet or that have unpublished changes are marked red in the navigation at the left side of the screen. This way, you have full control over the status and visibility of your whole website.

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