The primary goal of Typemill is to create a website, to produce ebooks based on the website and to sell premium-content with memberships and subscriptions. There is no strict roadmap, but the features are generally prioritized according to this goal.

The following features are planned for 2021 with high prio:

  • ePub format for the ebook plugin.
  • Password recorvery plugin.
  • Authentication variants with basic auth and auth via IP.
  • Update feature for core, themes and plugins.

There are more plans with lower prio:

  • Custom fields for themes and plugins (currently it works only for meta-tabs).
  • Shortcuts to add custom functions into the content area.
  • Version and archivate content (e.g. via git).
  • Integrate and Chart.js into the editor.
  • Update to Slim 4 and Vue 3 and refactor with PHP8.
  • Switch the admin interface completely/mostly to vue and tachyons.

Currently the release 1.4.6 is in work. The release will be published in May or June 2021 with the following features:

  • Subscriber plugin to sell premium subscriptions.
  • Related changes in the existing register plugin.
  • Related changes in the typemill core code.

For older releases please check the news-section.

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