The Twig-function {{ getPageMeta(settings,pageItem) }} returns the metadata of a page as an array. The function can be used to list meta-information like meta-title and meta-description of pages inside a folder.

Example Usage


      {% for article in item.folderContent %}
        {% set page = getPageMeta(settings, article) %}
          <a href="{{ article.urlAbs }}">
              <h2>{{ }}</h2>
              <small>{{ page.meta.modified }} | {{ }}</small>
              <p>{{ page.meta.description }}</p>

      {% endfor %}


  • Param settings: The settings variable.
  • Param pageItem: Loop through item.folderContent of the current item, if the current item is a folder. Alternatively you can get items from the navigation with getPageList.
  • Returns: The page meta as an array.