Upgrade Plugins

The upgrade guide for plugins is not ready yet. Please be patient.


Instead of getPath use:

  • $this->route
  • $this->adminroute
  • $this->editorroute


You can use getPluginSettings() without passing the plugin-name as parameter. Typemill will find the name automatically now.

handle plugin data

Each plugin can write and read its own data now very easily. Just use these methods:

  • $this->storePluginData($filename, $data)
  • $this->storePluginYamlData($filename, array $yamlData)
  • $this->getPluginData($filename)
  • $this->getPluginYamlData($filename)

Typemill will automatically use the "/data/"- folder and create a new folder with the name of your plugin. Inside that folder, all data from your plugin will be stored.