Create Effective Documentations the Easy Way

Clear and engaging software documentation is essential for success in a crowded software market. With the Typemill Documentation Bundle, you can leverage a lightweight and cost efficient approach, perfect for small software companies with limited resources. Host it yourself, set it up in minutes, and use Markdown standards along with simple, intuitive editorial tools.

Write Markdown with the visual block editor or with the raw syntax editor. Activate the ➔ html-plugin with a MAKER-license to create complex html-structures.

Demonstration of the visual and raw markdown editor of Typemill

Organize your documentation with pages and folders. Use drag & drop and check the status of each page with simple color-codes.

Demonstration of the interactive navigation of Typemill

Activate the ➔ ebook-Plugin for free and produce professional publications of your documentation in PDF and ePUB format.

Restrict your whole documentation or individual pages with flexible user rights and individual access control for free.

Demonstration of website and page restrictions with Typemill

Activate the ➔ search-plugin for free and add a full text search to your documentation.

Add a full text search with the search-plugin for Typemill

Activate the ➔ analytics-plugin for free and understand your visitors. Supports Matomo, Google Analytics, and Fathom, with more options available upon request.

Use your favourite analytics tool with the analytics plugin for Typemill

Activate the ➔ mermaid-plugin for free and create all types of charts and diagrams to your documentation

Demonstration of the mermaid plugin for Typemill

Focus on Great Content

Focus on creating great content without distractions. Typemill provides intuitive editorial tools to structure your documentation and write in industry-standard Markdown format, ensuring a seamless writing experience.

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  • Great author experience
  • Pure Markdown output
  • Visual Block Editor
  • Raw syntax editor
  • Drag & Drop Navigation

Keep it Simple

Be smart and avoid overengineering for simple tasks like documentations. Typemill is a lightweight CMS that you can set up and run in minutes. No database. No complex technology. No tricky toolchains. Just what you need, out of the box.

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  • Easy setup
  • Low maintenance costs
  • No database required
  • No toolchains required
  • Just php and apache

Own Your Documentation

Own your documentation and avoid a vendor lock in. As a self-hosted solution, Typemill produces simple Markdown files, giving you complete control over your documentation and the freedom to customize and scale as needed.

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  • Own your content (files)
  • Own your code (self-hosted)
  • Code your own plugins
  • Code your own web-themes
  • Code your own pdf-layouts

Grow With Us

The documentation bundle includes free and premium plugins. You can test all premium plugins under the domain "localhost" or sub-domain "typemilltest.". With a license, you get access to all plugins and services published under the license you choose. We release new plugins and features every month. Subscribe to our newsletter to stay in the loop.

More Bundles and Solutions

Typemill is a lightweight yet versatile CMS focused on specific use cases and solutions. Try out our bundles for various handbooks, documentation, knowledge bases, and more.