Typemill CMS: Build Websites and Create eBooks

Typemill CMS is a lightweight and user-friendly content management system designed for website creation and eBook publishing. It caters to a variety of users, including content creators, documentation authors, and digital publishers.

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Great Author Experience

Typemill has a clear focus on the author experience. It provides a dashboard for distraction-free editing and web publishing. Structure your website with the intuitive drag & drop navigation, write markdown in a WYSIWYG-style with the visual markdown editor, or use the raw markdown editor with a pure markdown syntax.

An animated gif demonstrates the visual editor of Typemill

Easy eBook Publishing

One of Typemill's standout features is its ability to seamlessly convert your website content into ebooks in both PDF and ePub formats. You can produce eBooks from single pages, from chapters, or from the whole website.

Screenshot of the ebook publishing interface

High Performance Websites

Typemill is built on a contemporary tech stack featuring Vue.js, Tailwind CSS, and the Slim PHP framework, with a compressed size of just about 2MB. It follows a flat-file design. This means you can create and manage content without the need for extensive database management. This combination ensures top-notch performance and a modern web development experience.

Google Page Speed Result for a Typemill Website

Not enough for you? Then read all about the feature highlights and typical use cases for Typemill.