Typemill provides a lot of useful features, and we add new features every few weeks. This is what you can do with Typemill right now:

  • Super simple setup of a new website.
  • Add new users with full admin-rights or limited editor-rights.
  • Create and edit your content online, or simply upload markdown-files (e.g. via FTP).
  • Create and re-order pages with drag & drop directly in the navigation-tree.
  • Fully control the visibility of a page with draft, publish, and depublish states.
  • Revise a page while you keep the original version online (even WP does not have this in its core functionality!).
  • Use raw markdown syntax or a fancy visual block-editor to edit content.
  • The visual block-editor provides image-uploads, markdown-tables, and much more.
  • Markdown supports extra formats like table of contents (TOC), footnotes, and even math.
  • Choose and configure themes, plugins, and book-layouts.
  • Write your own themes with HTML, CSS, and Twig.
  • Write your own plugins with PHP and Vue.

Typemill-websites are SEO-friendly, with pretty urls and a google-sitemap out of the box. You can add extended meta-data, and even define your own meta-information with some simple YAML-configurations. There's also full navigation, breadcrumbs, paging, chapter-numbers and much more.

Typemill is an open source software and a registered trademark. Read more