Typemill 2.6.0 with Bundles

Version 2.6.0 of Typemill is out with new bundles that focus on special use cases. The first three bundles cover use cases like User Manuals, Employee Handbooks, and SEO Website. More bundles will be available soon. As usual, download the latest version from the startpage or the bundle pages.

Solution Bundles

Typemill is flexible and versatile software especially for small companies, organisations, and individuals. To help them solving their problems faster, Typemill now provides bundles that are tailored for special use cases like User Manuals, SEO Websites, and Employee Handbooks. The bundles are packed with useful plugins, that help admins to setup a new project quickly.

Screenshot user manuals

Shortcodes for Themes

The shortcode feature has been improved so you can also use shortcodes in theme settings now. In fact the bundle landingpages are entirely created with the html-plugin in combination with a new blank landingpage template for Cyanine. This new feature might also inspire theme developers to create more flexible themes with different templates.

Improved Theme Configurations

Some themes like cyanine provide extensive configurations. With readymades, admins got a great feature to use and store preconfigured theme settings. Now the theme settings are designed in an accordion-style wich makes it much easier to navigate through the settings.

Screenshot Accordeon Style Theme Configurations

What is Next?

The top priorities for the next release are the template plugin and the translation plugin. Following that, the focus will be on introducing new bundles for documentation, reports, and knowledge bases. Additionally, new themes will be developed for some of these bundles, allowing admins to use them out of the box with minimal customization required.