Typemill 2: Ebook Publishing is Back

As we approach the year-end, I'm thrilled to announce a significant milestone for Typemill V2: the eBook plugin has undergone a comprehensive update and is now available for download. This plugin seamlessly integrates with Typemill version 2.0.3.

Note: If you are currently using version 1 of Typemill, it's advisable to await the stable release 2.1.0 scheduled for January 2024.

While it took me approximately four weeks to overhaul this intricate plugin, I've decided to keep it free because of its unique and valuable features. Looking ahead, I plan to introduce an additional option for users with a license, allowing them to create ebooks using an API service, eliminating the need for manual browser interactions.

New Design for the eBook Plugin

The eBook plugin has undergone a major revamp, with optimized design and structure. The new version now features four tabs: projects, content, pdf, and epub. Notably, the forms for pdf and epub are now completely separated. This might involve a bit more copy and paste, but the enhanced clarity is well worth it. The content selection also provides an instant preview of the headline structure for a more intuitive experience.

Screenshot of the ebook plugin

Please be aware that older eBook projects might not seamlessly transition to the new version. However, reconfiguring them, if needed, should be a straightforward process.

Updates to Other Plugins

Several other plugins have received updates and are now compatible with version 2 of Typemill:

The roadmap for other plugins is as follows:

  • Search Plugin: Works with version 2 but will not receive further updates; a new search plugin for license users is in development.
  • Math Plugin: Will be updated for free.
  • Highlight Plugin: Will be updated for free.
  • Dark Admin: No longer needed due to the availability of dark mode.
  • Cookieconsent Plugin: No longer relevant; use third-party plugins like cookiebanner for third-party cookies.
  • Tagfilter and Ebookproducts: Client plugins, updated exclusively for clients.
  • Register Plugin: Will be updated with the MAKER license due to its complexity.
  • Third-party plugins such as Clipboard, Cookiebanner, Custom CSS/JS, HTML Open/Close, RSS, Mermaid, Therausus, Google Maps: Updates will depend on contributions.

In the next phase, my focus will shift towards introducing new plugins under the new license. Exciting ideas are in the pipeline, including versioning, SEO, a new search plugin, single sign-on (SSO), and yes, even AI is on the roadmap. Most plugins will cater to the needs of small companies, focusing on documentation for software, products, and services.

As for themes, if you're using one of the old themes and wish to have it updated, please reach out. Updates should be relatively straightforward, but they do not have any priority right now. If you'd like to expedite the process or support the work, feel free to contact me for sponsorship and I will try to speed it up then. Your sponsorship can be mentioned on the theme-page/in the theme.

Insights into Upcoming Licenses

If you've explored version 2 of Typemill, you've likely seen the new license page. While the pricing isn't finalized, three options will be available:

  • NO License: Use Typemill CMS, all free plugins, and themes without any limitations. It remains open source.
  • MAKER License: For advanced usage and plugins like register, new search, SEO, and more. Priced at a low double-digit amount per domain per year.
  • BUSINESS License: Tailored for plugins like versioning, SSO, and more, typically requested by small companies. Priced at a low three-digit amount per domain per year.

The upside is that each license operates as an ANNUAL FLATRATE. With a single MAKER license, enjoy access to all MAKER-licensed plugins for one year and one domain. Similarly, a single BUSINESS license grants access to all plugins (BUSINESS and MAKER) for one year and one domain.

Wishing you a fantastic time, and I look forward to reconnecting in January 2024!