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Last updated: 13.04.2019

TYPEMILL uses markdown, but it also provides a fancy visual markdown editor that will make your live much easier. To switch to the visual editor, simply use the button "visual mode" vs. "raw mode" in the publish controller at the bottom of the screen. You can also configure the visual mode as your default mode in the settings. The visual editor uses small blocks of markdown-content and directly transforms them into an HTML-preview. You can create, edit, reorder and delete each content block separately like this:

Visual markdown editor of TYPEMILL

The visual editor is still experimental and some features are missing. But it already helps you to create beautiful pages even if you don't know the markdown syntax that well.

There are some tricks to speed up your writing process:

This way you can write an entire document without using a button even in the visual mode.

You can switch to the visual mode in the publish controller that sticks at the bottom of each page or you can change the default mode in the system settings.

There are buttons for new paragraphs, headlines, lists, quotes, tables, images and even YouTube-videos at the bottom of the page. There is no media-library yet, but handling images is pretty easy as you can see:

Handling Images in Typemill

For now the standard mode is the raw-markdown editor. It is a simple textarea without any buttons, so it might look a bit nerdy if you are not familiar with markdown.