Trademark Policy

The name "Typemill" is a registered trademark. Written permission is required to use the name "Typemill" as part of any project, product, service, domain name, or company name. Please write an email to to ask for a permission.


The primary goal of this policy is to make clear to consumers, which brand is the official one. It is not the goal of this policy to limit the activity around Typemill and we encourage you to make your own business based on the Typemill software.

You can, of course, always use the name "Typemill" to report about us and to share the word about the Typemill open source project. We are happy about all coverage and links!

As a general rule: You can use the name "Typemill" to explain your service. But you cannot use the name as part of a product, project, service, domain name, or company name without permission and you cannot use the name in any way that suggests an affiliation with the Typemill open source project.

Examples for usage that requires permission:

  • A domain name like or
  • A company name like "Typemill Services Ltd.".
  • A service name like "The Typemill Developers".
  • A product name like "Typemill for Publishers".
  • A book name like "The official Typemill guide".
  • A project name like "The Typemill Translation Project".
  • "Typemill" as a part of any advertising campaign.

Examples for usage that is allowed without permission:

  • A service name like "ABC, offering developement for Typemill".
  • A product name like "XYZ, a docker container for Typemill".
  • A keynote, newsletter or article like "Getting started with Typemill".
  • A meetup like "Typemill Meetup Berlin".

Please send an email to if you have any questions related to the trademark policy.