High Performance SEO-Website

Are you still using heavy-weight blog software for your SEO websites, spending hours on optimization? It's time to make a change. Try the Typemill SEO Bundle for your next project. Typemill is a super lightweight, easy-to-use flat file CMS with a hierarchical content structure, perfect page speed, and powerful SEO features.

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Clear Content Structure

A clear, logical content structure is the foundation of effective SEO. With Typemill, creating a hierarchical content structure is effortless. Use the interactive content navigation with simple drag & drop, and the visual Markdown editor to produce excellent content quickly and intuitively.

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Templates for your needs

100% Page Speed

Page speed is crucial for SEO. With Typemill, you can achieve 100% page speed right out of the box. No more wasting time on tedious optimizations — just use the right technology.

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Page Speed Result for the Typemill Website

Useful SEO-Features

Typemill includes essential SEO features like 301 and 302 redirects, a Google sitemap, and options to exclude pages with noindex. Optimize your site easily and effectively.

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Use references like 301 and 302 redirects with Typemill

Boost SEO with Premium-Plugins

The Typemill SEO Bundle includes premium plugins designed to supercharge your SEO efforts. Test the plugins locally and activate them on your live website with a MAKER license.

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Display data from Google Search Console on each page, and check your meta titles and descriptions. Activate the plugin with a MAKER license.

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Fetch data from google search console with Typemill


Connect your website to your favorite analytics tool. Supports Matomo, Google Analytics, and Fathom, with more options available on request. No license required.

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Use your favourite analytics tool with the analytics plugin for Typemill


Use secure HTML tags on your pages with shortcodes. Create flexible landing pages and dynamic elements with minimal HTML knowledge. Activate the plugin with a MAKER license.

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Use secure html tags with the html-plugin for Typemill


Easily add content from YouTube, SoundCloud, Google Maps, or Vimeo. Activate with a MAKER license.

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Use the embed plugin with Typemill

Enjoy a Flatrate

We continuously enhance existing plugins and add new ones. With a MAKER license, you get access to all current and future plugins and services published under this license. Check out the license details for more information.

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Do you plan to write an SEO playbook? With the ebook plugin, you can transform your Typemill website into a high-quality PDF and EPUB publication. Not included in this bundle but free and open source.

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Write e SEO-playbook with the ebook plugins for Typemill

More Bundles and Solutions

Typemill is a lightweight yet versatile CMS focused on specific use cases and solutions. Try out our bundles for various handbooks, documentation, knowledge bases, and more.