Develop a Layout

The eBook plugin generates an eBook preview based on a specific eBook layout. As a developer you can code your own layout and it works pretty similar to Typemill themes. All you need are some simple YAML-definitions and a Twig-template with HTML, CSS and optionally some JavaScript.

You can find all eBook-layouts in the folder "booklayouts" of the eBook-plugin. Each layout has only a handfull of standard files:

  • config.yaml: Contains some basic information and form-definitions with yaml syntax.
  • cover.png: A preview image for your layout.
  • index.twig: The twig template for your eBook.
  • style.css: The style for your eBook.

That's it. You can add more stuff, of course, for example a folder with your own fonts or some tricky JavaScript. But you don't need to with your own project. Let's go into some details for each file.

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