System Requirements upates

Typemill is a modern and lightweight software with nearly no requirements. All you need is:

  • PHP 8.0 or higher
  • A webserver (Apache)
  • mod_rewrite and htaccess

For Linux users

If you run a linux system, then please double check that mod_rewrite and htaccess are active.

Almost any hosting package provides a webserver with PHP. If you've ever hosted your own website, then chances are high that you can run TYPEMILL there without any problems.

Build-in PHP

If you are using the build-in php-server on Windows or Mac, then make sure that some basic libraries are installed. Typemill needs mbstring, iconv, session, gd, and fileinfo. You can check that with phpinfo().

You will need FTP software to upload TYPEMILL to your webserver.

Typemill supports the following browsers:

  • Firefox (heavily tested)
  • Chrome (tested)
  • Edge (basic tests)
  • IE11 (basic tests)
  • Safari (not tested)

I use Firefox and Linux for development. If you have problems with other environments, then please let me know, and add a new issue on GitHub.