TYPEMILL uses Markdown for writing. Never heard of Markdown? Markdown is a simple syntax for text formatting and it is very similar to the markup used by wikipedia. Markdown uses a handful of special characters like # of * to format the text.

The big advantage for writers: They don't have to click a button to format a headline or to create a list. Instead they can format the text during the writing process without an interruption. Once you are familiar with the syntax, you can write cleaner and faster than with any common HTML editor. For a quick start with many examples, read the markdown reference page.

Markdown Example

This is a short example for a markdown text:

# My first level headline
This is a paragraph and now we create an unordered list:

- Item
- Another item
- A last item

From a technical point of view, markdown is cleaner, shorter and safer than HTML. At the same time, markdown can be transformed to clean HTML easily. This is why markdown is used by a lot of technology platforms like GitHub or StackOverflow. And markdown is also entering the non technical mainstream with popular tools like trello and slack.

Markdown Quick Reference

This is a quick reference table. For a detailed reference with examples, please check the markdown reference page.

Markdown Result
[TOC] Table of content
# Headline first level
###### Headline sixth level
simple text Paragraph
_italic_ Italic text
*italic* Italic text
__bold__ Bold text
**bold** Bold text
- list item Unordered list
* list item Unordered list
5. ordered list Ordered list (use any number you want).
--- Horizontal rule
[link text](http://typemill.net) Link
![alt text](/path/to/image.jpg) Image
> interesting quote Blockquote
footnote[^1] \r [^1]:footnote text Footnote
*[HTML]:Hyper Text Markup Language Abbreviation
Apple \r : Green thingy growing on trees Definition list
|name |usage | \r |-----------|-----------| \r | My Name | For Me | Table
` Inline code
`` Inline math expression
``` Code block
```latex Math block

For a quick reference and examples for all markdown formats you can head over to the markdown reference page.