Last updated: 23.05.2019

TYPEMILL uses Markdown for writing. Never heard of Markdown? Markdown is a simple syntax for text formatting and it is very similar to the markup used by wikipedia. Markdown uses a handful of special characters like # of * to format the text.

The big advantage for writers: They don't have to click a button to format a headline or to create a list. Instead they can format the text during the writing process without an interruption. And this speeds up your writing process tremendously. This is a short example for a markdown text:

# My first level headline

This is a paragraph and now we create an unordered list:

- Item
- Another item
- A last item

Markdown is used by a lot of technology platforms like GitHub or StackOverflow. And with popular tools like Trello or Slack it is also entering the non technical mainstream.

Markdown Quick Reference

This is a quick reference table. For a detailed reference with examples, please check the markdown reference page.

Markdown Result
[TOC] Table of content
# Headline first level
###### Headline sixth level
simple text Paragraph
_italic_ Italic text
*italic* Italic text
__bold__ Bold text
**bold** Bold text
- list item Unordered list
* list item Unordered list
5. ordered list Ordered list (use any number you want).
--- Horizontal rule
[link text](http://typemill.net) Link
![alt text](/path/to/image.jpg) Image
> interesting quote Blockquote
footnote[^1] \r [^1]:footnote text Footnote
*[HTML]:Hyper Text Markup Language Abbreviation
Apple \r : Green thingy growing on trees Definition list
|name |usage | \r |-----------|-----------| \r | My Name | For Me | Table
` Inline code
`` Inline math expression
``` Code block
```latex Math block