Create a User Manual Your Customers Will Love

A clear and informative user manual is essential for customer success, enabling them to quickly understand and utilize your product or service. Download the Typemill Manual Bundle to set up your user manual in minutes. Easily structure your content, intuitively write in Markdown, and publish your manual as both a website and a PDF publication.

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Universal Markdown Standard

Avoid content silos by writing in the universal Markdown format, producing portable and flexible markdown files. Typemill's visual editor offers an intuitive writing experience, and the interactive navigation helps you quickly structure your content.

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Templates for your needs

Individual User Rights

Collaborate efficiently with multiple editors by assigning roles based on their tasks. Control access at both the manual and individual page levels with granular access rights. Use the guest role to share non-public manuals via a share-link.

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Integrate Into Your Software

Use Typemill API endpoints to create a content hub and seamlessly integrate your user manual's content directly into your software or service.

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Interactive navigation

Enhance Your Manual

Expand your manual's functionality with free and premium plugins included in this bundle. Test plugins locally and activate premium plugins on your live website with a MAKER license.

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PDF Publishing

Transform your user manual into a high-quality PDF or EPUB publication. The ebook plugin turns your Typemill CMS into a professional publishing studio, available for free.

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Create a employer handbook in pdf-format with the ebook plugins for Typemill


Enable a full-text search on your page to help users find relevant information faster. This plugin is free to use.

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Add a full text search with the search-plugin for Typemill


Easily embed content from YouTube, SoundCloud, Google Maps, or Vimeo with the embed plugin, activated with a MAKER license.

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Use the embed plugin with Typemill


Connect your website to your preferred analytics tool. Supports Matomo, Google Analytics, and Fathom, with more options available upon request. No license required.

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Use your favourite analytics tool with the analytics plugin for Typemill

Enjoy a Flatrate

We continuously enhance existing plugins and add new ones. With a MAKER license, you get access to all current and future plugins and services published under this license. Check out the license details for more information.

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More Bundles and Solutions

Typemill is a lightweight yet versatile CMS focused on specific use cases and solutions. Try out our bundles for various handbooks, documentation, knowledge bases, and more.