Version 1.3.7: Image Manipulation

Version 1.3.7 introduces an image upload field for themes and plugins, an image manipulation (resize and grayscale) for twig templates and a notice-component for the visual editor. Version 1.3.7 is also the first Typemill release that ships with the new standard theme "Cyanine". The old theme "Typemill" will stay available in the theme directory in future.

Foto windmile in corn field
Photo by Klāvs Taimiņš on Unsplash

Typemill 1.3.7 has the following changes:

  • The new standard theme Cyanine replaces the old theme "Typemill".
  • There is a new image upload field that you can use for themes and plugins.
  • You can resize and grayscale images from image fields in your theme with a new theme function.
  • Typemill will retain your image attributes (like width) when you choose another image from the media library or when you switch between raw mode and visual mode.
  • The notice component for the visual markdown editor is ready.
  • The quote component accepts multiline quotes.
  • Typemill will recreate the structure-extended with the navigation titles automatically if it is not in the cache folder anymore. This means you can empty the cache folder and Typemill will recreate all files.
  • Tables are wrapped into a div-tag so you can make tables responsive.
  • Fixed the error when you switch to the raw mode on the homepage (homepage has a complete item-object now)
  • Fixed error when saving the headline anchor in the system settings.

See the new notice component in action:

Animation for the notice component