Version 1.3.8: User Roles and Rights

Version 1.3.8 of Typemill has been published today. It is another milestone and some kind of final release: Typemill 1.3.8 introduces a flexible system of user roles and user rights and it completes the feature-set of the core-version. From now on most upcomming features will be implemented with plugins.

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Version 1.3.8 of Typemill contains:

  • Feature: Integration of the laminas ACL library (zend) for user rights and user roles.
  • Feature: Added more standard roles (administrator, author, editor, member).
  • Feature: Enhance forms for user profiles with individual fields for a role.
  • Feature: Add more navigation items to the system navigation with a plugin.
  • Feature: Hide the whole website from public and only allow access for registered users.
  • Theme: Cyanine provides an option to collapse and expand the navigation.
  • Theme: Cyanine supports widgets like the search plugin now.
  • Fix: Hero images can be selected from medialib again.
  • Fix: Disabled line breaks in table components and definition component (not supported by markdown).
  • Fix: Improvement of the notice component (with version 1.3.7.X already).

The most visible changes are the new user roles, the new system navigation and a new feature in the system settings that lets you hide the whole website from public so only registered users can visit content pages. This can be useful if you want to prepare your website first and open it to the public later. The feature can also be used as an alternative to a password protection with htaccess/htpasswd.

Screenshot system settings with hide website feature

For plugin developers, the new roles and rights system is pretty flexible. You can add more user roles, you can change existing user roles, you can add individual fields to a user profile for certain user roles and you can even add new items to the system navigation.

To get started read the description of the user roles, the description of the user system for plugin developers and of the description the system navigation.

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