Image Manipulation

The author-interface of Typemill provides image uploads for meta-tabs, themes and plugins. There is only one image upload field by default: The hero-image that authors can add to each page in the meta-tab.

You can integrate the hero-image, or any other image that has been uploaded to meta-tabs, themes or plugins, with a simple twig-reference like this:

<img src="{{ metatabs.meta.heroimage }}" />

This will add the image with the default image width of 820px (you can change the default width in the developer settings).

Starting with version 1.3.7 you can also manipulate images on the fly with the asset asset-tag like this:

<img src="{{ assets.image(metatabs.meta.heroimage).resize(800,500).src() }}" />

Typemill will generate the image size with the resize(width,height)-method on the fly and store the new image in the folder /media/custom/. If you add a value for width and height, then Typemill will resize and crop the image accordingly. If you only want to resize the image, then add a false to the other value like this: resize(400,false).

You can also transform a colored image into a grayscale image with the grayscale()-method like this:

<img src="{{ assets.image(metatabs.meta.heroimage).grayscale().src() }}" />

And finally you can resize and grayscale an image in one line like this:

<img src="{{ assets.image(metatabs.meta.heroimage).resize(800,500).grayscale().src() }}" />

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