New Standard Theme

We published a new design for yesterday. It will become the new standard theme called cyanine. The old standard theme will be available for download in future, but I won't make major improvments to it anymore.

Screenshot Cyanine Theme

The new standard theme has a lot of improvements:

  • The size is reduced from 600kb to 60kb.
  • It uses the tachyons css library which is much easier to maintain.
  • It does not use old-school font-icons anymore, in fact it does not use any icons.
  • Like the old theme, it is free of JavaScript.
  • Like all themes it is super fast.

The theme supports a lot of new features, among them:

  • Configure brand colors for your website.
  • Choose between fonts (separated into base font, headline font and navigation font).
  • configure a three column footer.
  • Activate an optional landingpage.
Screenshot Cyanine with brand colors

The landing page has several segments, that you can activate and configure:

  • Intro segment (that shows the content of the homepage and an optional button).
  • Info segment (with pure markdown).
  • Feature segment (with two boxes).
  • Contrast segment (with inverted colors with title, text and button).
  • Navigation segment (choose the depth of the navigation).
  • News segment (choose the folder, three latest items will be listed).