Version 1.3.6: Image Upload Field

Release date: 06.05.2020

Version 1.3.6 introduces a new upload field for images that developers can use for the meta-tabs. It is used as hero-image-field in the standard meta tab.

Photo by Katia De Juan on Unsplash

For an UPDATE, please upload the folders:

  • /system
  • /themes/typemill

The release includes:

  • Feature: A new upload image fieldtype for meta-tabs (there is a standard hero image in meta tab now)
  • Feature: You can use admonitions now which is helpful for documentations. Use a syntax like "! My Admonition".
  • Feature: We got a russian translation from the contributor "hide-me", thank you from the community!!!
  • Improvement: iusvar has improved the i18n-feature dramatically again
  • Improvement: German translations are updated and added.
  • Improvement: Images in a separate line are now rendered as html5 figure and figcaption tags. This improves design-options dramatically
  • Improvement: You can now set the language tag for your frontend pages independently from your admin-language.
  • Fix: Active class is now set again when there are hidden pages.
  • Fix: Custom styles now work for 404-pages
  • Fix: fixed two php warnings
  • Fix: Search field for mobile views is not positioned absolute anymore and does not overlap anything
  • New: There is a new plugin for crossposting articles to the

See the new image upload field in action:

Animation image upload field