Version 1.3.5: Consolidation

Release date: 20.04.2020

Version 1.3.5 is a consolidation release with bugfixes and improvements of the latest features. You can also display anchor links next to headlines now, if your theme supports that feature.

Windmill. Photo by Arda Çetin on Unsplash

For an UPDATE, please upload the folders:

  • /system
  • /settings/languages
  • /themes/typemill

The release includes:

  • Feature: Add anchor-links next to headlines in content with a new system-setting. So far only the standard theme has an appropriate style for it.
  • Improvement: Form-Builder adds ID to fields for better accessibility.
  • Improvement: X-Powered-By header is now set in the http-response.
  • Improvement: Design of the download-button for files is optimized.
  • Fix: JPG-images are handled correctly in the editor now.
  • Fix: Hidden pages are also hidden from subnavigations and paging now.
  • Fix: Hidden pages correct loaded after cache refresh.
  • Fix: Special Startpage in standard theme has correct title now.
  • Fix: Navigation title is inserted in meta correctly now.
  • Fix: Modified date in meta is set correctly now.
  • Fix: New logic for title and description (on publish or if page is listed or called in frontend).
  • Fix: Posts are implemented into standard theme now.
  • Fix: Name in input field on base level navigation is cleared now.
  • Fix: Video handling is completely refactored.
  • Fix: File-upload accepts all standard filetypes now.
  • Fix: You can delete folders with unpublished content now.
  • Fix: A theme only needs a valid index.twig file to load in typemill.
  • Fix: Updated gitignore
  • New: The cypress test-scripts are part of the github version now.