Version 1.3.4: Media-Library

Release date: 07.04.2020

Version 1.3.4 introduces a new media-library for images and files.

The release includes:

  • Media: A brand new media library that can be opened when working with images or files in the content page.
  • Media: Completely refactored the image model.
  • Media: A new upload component for download-files in the visual editor.
  • Media: You can upload a logo for your website in the settings now and use it in your theme.
  • Media: You can upload a favicon now and use it in your theme.
  • List Pages: You can now list pages for each folder in frontend with the new twig-tag getPageList(navigation, path-to-folder, base_url)
  • Fix: Hopefully fixed a super annoying bug where the wrong content opens in a block. Should be fixed by disabling drag&drop for blocks if they are opened and a wrong logic when publishing image-blocks.
  • Themes: Published the emergency theme some days ago.

See the new file upload in action:

Animation file upload