Version 1.3.3: Posts and Pages

Release date: 27.02.2020

Version 1.3.3 introduces posts for news- or blogs-sections. Please update the system folder.

The release includes:

  • Posts: You can change the content of a folder from pages to posts now. Posts are sorted by date (manual date or created at) in descending order. Typemill will even change and rewrite the existing content within a folder. Pretty awesome!!!
  • Navigation: The file name and the name in the navigation are completely decoupled now, which means you can use special characters like in french language for navigation titles now.
  • Themes: There is a brand new knowledge theme!!!
  • Fix: Problem with & in title is fixed now.
  • Fix: Duplicate files and folders are checked now.
  • Fix: Folders with published pages cannot be deleted anymore.
  • Fix: Introduced field-attribute "fieldsize" with values "full", "half" and "quarter" for a better field layout (e.g. theme-settings).

See the new blog-feature in action:

Animation blog posts