Version 1.3.2: Rename and Hide Navigation

Release date: 21.01.2020

Version 1.3.2 improves the meta-information again and enables authors to rename and hide items in the navigation. Please update the system folder and the theme folder.

The release includes:

  • Internationalization: JavaScript strings are now translated (vue.js).
  • Meta: Rename navigation items. This required a lot of new logic and a static file structure-extended.yaml in cache folder.
  • Meta: Hide item from public navigation (note, that it is only hidden from main-navigation, not from sub-navigation)
  • Meta: Filter the active meta-information for each page, so that no metas from disabled plugins are visible.
  • Themes: You can add fields to the standard-meta-tab with the themes yaml-file now.
  • Themes: You can now add your own CSS to each theme. Very handy to individualize a theme while keeping it updated.
  • Themes: Added a dev-theme to the theme-directory as a starting point for frontend-developers.