Version 1.3.0: Meta Information

Release date: 01.01.2020

Version 1.3.0 introduces meta-information for pages. As of version 1.3.0 Typemill will be delivered without plugins. You can download plugins and themes from the new plugin and theme-pages.

The release includes:

  • Pages have meta information like title, description and author now.
  • Pages can be created in base folder now.
  • Changed standard content for new pages (title instead off "add title")
  • New theme download page
  • New plugin download page
  • Updated Typemill Theme (cover page will display the title of the content page instead of the typemill title now)
  • New theme "learn" (ported from GRAV CMS)
  • New theme "personal".
  • Cookie-consent plugin is deleted (not dgpr-compatible).
  • New GitHub repository for plugins and themes