Version 1.2.X: Visual Markdown Editor

Version 1.2.19: Modular Editor

Release date: 24.11.2019

This is the final 1.2.X release and it has some implication on your website. First of all you have to update the

  • The system folder
  • The theme typemill
  • The math plugin

In version 1.2.19 the settings for the startpage (display as special cover page) has been moved from system settings to the theme settings. To restore the startpage design, go to settings, themes and open the typemill theme-settings. There you can activate the option "special design for startpage" again.

This release also includes:

  • Visual Editor: Activate and deactivate each format button in the system settings.
  • Visual Editor: The editor is now modular and can be extended by components and plugins.
  • Plugins: The math plugin is the first plugin that extends the visual editor now.
  • System: Moved cover page settings from system to theme settings
  • Themes: Adjusted typemill to the new theme settings.
  • System: Switched from font-icons (fontello) to svg-icons (icomoon).
  • Themes: Ported the learn-theme from GRAV to Typemill (not published yet).
  • Fix: Themes can be changed now again.
  • Fix: Default theme settings are loaded now if system has not been setup yet.
  • Fix: Long inline code has line breaks now and does not destroy mobile view.
  • Fix: Redirect to the correct editor mode after login

Version 1.2.18: Discard Changes

Release date: 11.11.2019

This release includes:

  • Visual Editor: Discard changes and set page back to published version.
  • Visual Editor: Inline formats for links and inline math.
  • Visual Editor: Decouple markdown/component detection.
  • Fix: mod_rewrite is not checked anymore.

Version 1.2.17: Inline Formats

Release date: 03.11.2019

This release includes:

  • Visual Editor: Format text as strong, emphasis or inline code.
  • Fix: Copyright and year are stored in settings now.
  • Fix: Error message when author deletes a folder with a folder in it.
  • Fix: Logout user if he deletes his own account.
  • Enhancement: Added more system checks for system setup.
  • Enhancement: Added cypress-tests for theme options.

Release date: 22.10.2019

This release includes:

  • Visual Editor: Footnotes are now included and editable
  • Events: Added events for publish, depublish, delete and sort a page.
  • Themes: Added Axios (ajax calls) as an asset that can be activated for themes.
  • Themes: Added Tachyons (atomic CSS library) as an asset that can be activated for themes.
  • Themes: Added a simple widgetized zone for a theme that can be used by plugins.
  • Plugin: Added a search plugin.

You should update the system and the theme.

Version 1.2.15: Math Refactored

Release date: 05.06.2019

This release includes:

  • Visual editor: A new math component.
  • Parsedown: Changed syntax for math (see below).
  • Navigation: Introduced status modified.
  • Navigation: Change color of item on the fly according to status: published (green), modified (orange), not published (red).
  • Navigation: Fixed homepage item, so that status and active is visible.
  • Settings: Whitelisted settings in settings.yaml, so no pathes are stored (produced error when moved typemill to other folder).
  • Login: Changed color of link.
  • Videos: refactored video embed script and changed link to
  • Testing: Added cypress tests for system settings.

The syntax for math changed, so the old backtipp-syntax for inline math and display math is not valid anymore. The new syntax is compatible to pandoc and many other systems. Check the details on the markdown test page:

Version 1.2.14: Magic Table of Contents

Release date: 18.05.2019

This release includes:

  • Visual editor: New Table of Contents component that updates on the fly.
  • Visual editor: Fixed some html errors.
  • Design: The admin area got a facelift, switched to green instead of red.
  • Improved some stuff in background to show status of pages in admin (edited/published)
  • Login: Saves timestamp of last login now
  • Login: Added hint to bookmark the login page
  • Errors: Added error reporting, so that no errors are displayed by default. Use DisplayErrorDetails: true to switch on.
  • Created a new multi-step build script to improve deployment.
  • First automated tests with

Version 1.2.13: Definition lists and horizontal lines

Release date: 04.05.2019

This release includes:

  • Visual editor: A new component for defintion lists.
  • Visual editor: A new component for horizontal lines.
  • Visual editor: Improved headline component
  • Visual editor: some design fixes for components (borders)
  • Visual editor: removed initial overlay on pageload
  • Visual editor: fixed bug with wrong data after drag & drop
  • Visual editor: refactored drag & drop for content blocks
  • Refactored definition lists in backend code
  • Fixed error with update notice
  • updated all javascript libraries
  • created a new landing page for

Version 1.2.12: Content Blocks Everywhere

Release date: 13.04.2019

The visual editor was a bit limited till now: You could only add new content blocks at the end of the page and after that move the paragraph via drag and drop to the right spot. With version 1.2.12 we eliminated this important limitation and now you can add new content blocks everywhere!!! All changes of this version:

  • Visual editor: Add content blocks everywhere.
  • Visual editor: Adjusted to vue logic, html- and markdown-content is loaded as JSON and bound to the DOM.
  • Visual editor: improved design.
  • min- and max-attributes are added to field-builder
  • The TYPEMILL-documentation is now a public github-repository:

Version 1.2.11: Table Component

Release date: 19.02.2019

Version 1.2.11 introduces an table component for the visual editor. Please update the system folder and the theme folder. These are all changes:

  • A component for tables.
  • Optimized list component (recognizes - and + as list-symbols now)
  • Error messages in editor are improved now
  • Plugin load system has been improved
  • Theme has an edit button for github now
  • Theme has option to show chapter numbers in navigation now.
  • New E-Mail plugin (not published yet).

Version 1.2.10: New Editor Components

Release date: 26.01.2019

Many new content components are shipped for the visual editor with Version 1.2.10, among them:

  • A component for headlines.
  • A component for code-blocks.
  • A component for quotes.
  • A component for ordered lists.
  • A component for unordered lists.
  • All components have the same design with icons now.
  • All components have a load spinner when saving content now.
  • The size for new text-components is fixed now.

There are some other fixes and improvements like:

  • Preview link to page is added to the publish controller
  • Error with transparent pngs is fixed, but you cannot add a height attribute for images in plugins now.
  • Navigation items and titles follow the file-naming now and are not uppercased automatically anymore. You have to change you change your file-names if you want to uppercase anything.
  • Error with footnote-links is fixed, but you cannot use footnotes in visual mode for now.
  • Attributes like width for images are working now, but you can only add them with raw mode right now.
  • When user tries to store content but is logged out, an error message pops up.
  • Error while parsing markdown blockquotes if fixed.
  • Modal windows for delete users is fixed
  • Google reCaptcha is added for public forms.
  • Security when user updates settings is improved (origin checked).
  • htaccess is extended a bit.
  • some other minor fixes...

Version 1.2.9: Add Videos and Public Forms

Release date: 03.01.2019

With Version 1.2.9 authors can add videos from YouTube to the visual editor. The version also introduces public forms in the frontend (undocumented right now).

  • Add YouTube videos with a simple link to the visual editor. More options like vimeo will follow.
  • Create frontend forms like contact forms. This is experimental and undocumented right now.
  • Fixed table of contents (absolute links and base url).
  • Fixed some usability problems with visual editor (data got lost when clicked twice on input fields).
  • Fixed bug with resize of text-fields when writing.
  • plugin for contact form (not published right now).
  • plugin for job-listings (not published right now).

Version 1.2.8: Image Management

Release date: 04.12.2018

With Version 1.2.8 authors can upload images to the visual editor in a WYSIWYG-Mode.

  • Upload, edit or remove images in the visual editor.
  • Edit image alternative, image title, image caption and image link.
  • Open and close block for editing with one click.
  • added back-link to login-screen

Version 1.2.7: Reorder Content Blocks

Release date: 10.11.2018

Version 1.2.7 enables authors to reorder content blocks in the visual editor with drag & drop.

  • Reorder content blocks with drag & drop.
  • New template tag markdown() to render markdown content in themes.
  • Fixed bug with headline when delete content in the visual editor.
  • Added missing image in the html-meta (first image).
  • New startpage for the typemill documentation website.

Version 1.2.6: Visual Editor

Release date: 30.10.2018

Version 1.2.6 introduces a visual editor as an alternative mode to the raw markdown editor. The visual editor is experimental and works with markdown blocks.

  • Switch between the visual editor and the raw editor
  • Edit existing markdown blocks
  • Add new markdown-blocks
  • Delete a block
  • change default editor mode in the system settings.

Version 1.2.5: Create New Pages Online

Release date: 07.10.2018

Version 1.2.5 is a simple system update, so you only have to delete the system folder and upload the new system folder of version 1.2.5. The main changes are:

  • Create new folders and files.
  • Mark drafted and unpublished pages in navigation.
  • Add internal 404 page for the author panel.
  • Improve delete pages (redirect and subfolder).

Version 1.2.4: Refactoring and Browser Support

Release date: 22.09.2018

Version 1.2.4 is a small update with some improvements like browser-support and optimizing some themes and plugins, so please update the system folder, the plugin folder and the theme folder.

  • Tested and optimized the admin panel with Firefox, Chrome, Edge and IE11.
  • Add an individual info-link for the cookieconsent plugin.
  • Redesigned and enhanced author info, share-links and date for standard theme.
  • Fixed: Get error message if session is out when saving changes in the editor.
  • Fixed: Get error message if try to move a page with unsafed changes.
  • Fixed: Optimized logic if moved file with live, draft or json version.
  • Fixed: Saves changes first before page is unpublished.

Version 1.2.3: Reorder Pages

Release date: 14.09.2018

Important: Upgrade to PHP 7: With version 1.2.3 TYPEMILL requires PHP Version 7.0 or higher. This is due to a library (CSRF-protection), that uses a PHP7 function that is not supported by PHP 5.6. PHP 5.6 and PHP 7.0 will run out of life cycle in december 2018, so you should upgrade your server to PHP 7.1 or PHP 7.2 anyway.

Wow!! More than six weeks and only one feature: As of version 1.2.3 you can re-order your existing content. To do so, simply drag&drop the items in the new navigation of the author panel. It looks so easy, but it was so complex in the background!!

Follow the instruction for simple updates in the documentation and simply update the system folder.

Be aware, that all existing content-files will be renamed if you reorder a file, because we add a new order-prefix to the file name. And be aware of some rules and limitations:

  • You can move files to any other folder.
  • Only folders are allowed at the first level.
  • Folders can be reordered within the same level.
  • But a folder can not be moved to another folder or another level.

Here is the reason for the last restriction: If you move a folder to another folder, then the adress (url) will change for the whole folder and all its content (pages). It is a nightmare for your readers and for google.

If you really want to reorder your content completely, then you have to do it on the file system for now. In version 2.3.5 you will be able to create new folders and files in the author system, so you can create a new folder and move all files to the new folder manually.

Version 1.2.2: Draft Management

Release date: 24.07.2018

Version 1.2.2 introduces a draft management. Follow the instruction for simple updates in the documentation, so update the system folder and please also update the theme typemill.

The changes are:

  • Safe a draft.
  • Publish a page.
  • Depublish a page.
  • Delete a page.
  • All buttons for editing are fixed at the bottom of the page now.
  • Created a new shared contentController for the whole page management.
  • Extended the content-api with update, depublish and delete functionalities.
  • Converted markdown to json for edit- and draft-management (stored as txt).
  • Extended the vue-js for the editor.

Version 1.2.1: Improved editor and fixes

Release date: 06.07.2018

Version 1.2.1 has an important security-update, so please switch to version 1.2.1 asap. Follow the instruction for simple updates in the documentation, so update the system folder and please also update the theme typemill.

The changes are:

  • Fixed soft linebreaks in markdown. Now you can add two spaces at the end of a line and you will get a soft linebreak with <br/>.
  • Fixed navigation-error. The navigation will work now if the content starts with multiple nested folders.
  • Links on startpage are now displayed correctly.
  • You can now position your images with three classes .left, .right, .middle. Check the markdown test in the documentation for more info and examples.
  • Added markdown example for linked image in documentation.
  • Maximum lenght of title in editor is now 100 characters instead of 40.
  • All redirects to the author panel go to content now instead of settings.
  • Added error message, if file is not writable.
  • Added csrf-check and more security to the content-api.
  • Massively improved vue-code for the editor. Now it is vue.js logic and not vanilla script.
  • Massivley reduced and cleaned up custom code for parsedown-extension.

Version 1.2.0: Introducing a Basic Content Editor

Release date: 25.06.2018

Please follow the instruction for simple updates in the documentation, so simply update the system folder.

Version 1.2.0 introduces a very basic content editor and is a major milestone for the developement of TYPEMILL as a full CMS. With the editor, the author can only edit existing content with markdown syntax right now. It is not possible to delete content or to create new content. These features will be added very soon.

There are quite a lot of changes in the background:

  • IMPORTANT: HTML and other code is now completely disabled. All code is disallowed in the content editor and all code-syntax will be escaped in the frontend. You can use markdown syntax for fenced code blocks and for inline code to display code-examples on pages.
  • Vue.js is added.
  • A content navigation is added.
  • Save functionality is added with ajax.
  • API-routes are added for managing content.
  • The content of the editor is validated (might cause problems with lot of code-syntax).
  • Errors are displayed in frontend.
  • Appropriate server status is send.
  • The twig-cache is disabled again. It might become an optional feature in future.
  • URL for xml-sitemap is displayed correctly now.