Version 1.5.1: Introducing Shortcodes

Version 1.5.1. introduces shortcodes to Typemill. What are shortcodes? You probably know them from WordPress and other systems. Shortcodes are small "code-snippets" that you can add into any page. The snippets can add all kind of content and functionalities: A map, another markdown page, a product box, or whatever you want. All you need is a simple plugin for your shortcode. Not clear yet? Then just watch this presentation on youtube where I demonstrate the shortcode feature with the new plugin called "ebookproducts".

Ascii-Art: Typemill version with shortcodes

Hotfix Version

The version fixes an error with the Table of Contents. When the feature headline anchors is activated, the anchor text does not show up in the Table of Contents anymore, only the headline itself is added.

Version 1.5.1 adds a lot more features and stabilizes the 1.5.X-series. Here are all changes:

  • Requirements: Version 1.5.1. requires PHP 7.4.
  • Feature: Shortcodes for the content area.
  • Feature: Restrict file-downloads to user-roles.
  • Feature: File-component for tabs.
  • SEO: No-index attribute for pages.
  • SEO: Exclude no-index pages from sitemap.
  • SEO: Ping sitemap to google and bing.
  • SEO: Native lazy loading attribute for images.
  • Feature: Added a code-/yaml-textarea with visible spaces.
  • Feature: Admins can now define forms in the plugin settings with publicformdefinitions.
  • Improved: Moved processing of public forms to the plugin controller.
  • Improved: Checkbox-labels accept markdown now.
  • Fix: Image api works again with corrected controller name.
  • Fix: Hide hidden folders like .git in navigation.
  • Fix: YouTube integration works again.
  • Fix: Headline anchors in frontend work again with improved css.
  • Fix: Blog-posts are created correctly again.
  • Fix: Empty lines in codeblocks work now.
  • Fix: Raw mode also works with vue-syntax in content now.
  • Fix: Conditionally add blog-post-script to avoid warnings.
  • Cyanine: Added third teaser-box for startpage.

The SEO-optimizations have been initialized by the SEO-expert Sebastian Adler.

#Update your htaccess

The restriction of file-downloads requires a manual update of the htaccess-file. We simply have to restrict the direct access to the file-folder. To do so, just update the following line near at the end of the htaccess file:

# redirect all other direct requests to the following physical folders to the index.php so pages with same name work
RewriteRule ^(system|content|data|settings|(media\/files\/)) index.php [QSA,L]


A lot of plugins have been updated and there are also some new plugins:

  • Analytics: Added fathom analytics and no-cookie option for Matomo.
  • Register: Added gumroad, publicformdefinitions, and many other improvements.
  • Tagfilter: A brand new plugin that adds some kind of multi-dimensional tags and a tag-filter to your website.
  • eBook-Products: Define eBook-products and add an eBook-box to each page with a shortcode.
  • eBook Directory: Just want to mention that we have a directory for ebook layouts now.

The gumroad option for the register plugin and the fathom option for the analytics plugin has been created by Andreas Zettl.

#Typemill is a Trademark now

Typemill is now a registered trademark and we added a little trademark policy to the page. If you have any questions about it, then please contact me.

#What is next

We will probably publish version 1.5.2 at the end of this year. It will focus on SEO-features. We will also do some maintenance work and improve the documentation.

Typemill is an open source software and a registered trademark. Read more