Version 1.5.2 Visual Shortcodes

Version 1.5.2 adds the new shortcodes to the visual editor, so if you use a plugin with shortcodes, you can easily integrate that shortcode with a nice user interface.

Image with text: doit with shortcodes

All changes of Version 1.5.2:

  • FEATURE: Added shortcodes to the visual editor. You can register your shortcodes now and add existing data for a search as you type in the visual editor.
  • FEATURE: Added with and height attributes to the image component and optimized code.
  • FEATURE: add meta tags with asset-function and delete most meta-tags from templates. Easier to change later and to add them with plugins.
  • FIX: Deleted visible anchors in ToC Headlines (version
  • FIX: Skipped the mime-type-check if environment does not support file as string.
  • FIX: Lowered validation for page title to nohtml so & can be added.
  • FIX: Moved logo to image folder so svg is displayed if file folder is protected.
  • FIX: Slug input in meta tab does not disappear anymore if you delete the text.
  • FIX: Image component still works if value for image-url is undefined.
  • FIX: Fixed and improved image preview in image component and quality switcher.
  • FIX: Fixed floating images for mobile view (central position instead of floating for mobile).
  • CYANINE: Fixed bold text.
  • CYANINE: Added fullsize option for landingpage intro.
  • CYANINE: Fontsize for contrast element and contrast link optional.
  • CYANINE: Deleted footer if empty and optimized code.
  • CYANINE: Switched to meta-tags with asset-function.

Please read the following hints for the update.

#Activate shortcodes for the visual editor

After you updated your typemill installation you have to activate the shortcode in the the system-settings. Simply activate the checkbox in the list of editor-elements and you will see a new shortcode icon in the visual editor.

Gif animation with the usage of the shortcodes in the visual editor

Developers should read the documentation for shortcodes again and update their plugins accordingly.

#Upload your logo again

The logos have been moved from the file-folder to the image folder. This is because there is no direct access to files since version 1.5.0 and this caused some problems with logos in SVG format. So if you face any problems, please upload your logo again and everything will be fine. You can also update your htaccess-file now, if you did not update it yet because of the logo.

#Image sizes

If you add a new image or edit an existing image, then it will automatically a with and height attribute that you can also see in the visual editor. If the values are not set yet, then Typemill will extract the original width and height from the image. You can change the width and height. If you change one value then it will automatically change the other value according to the aspect ratio of the image.

The width and height attributes are set for two reasons:

  • They are required for a valid html.
  • They are required to prevent layout shifts of the browser.

You can read about it in the smashing magazine.

It is important to know that the width and height values will change the behavior in the frontend only when the width is smaller than the content area. So width of the content area depends on the theme, for the standard cyanine-theme it is something like 800px, depending on the settings in your theme.

In most cases it is probably fine to keep the width and height values untouched.

#Update your theme

All themes have been updated and it is important to update your theme installation, too. If you are a developer, you should read about the new asset-function for meta-tags and update your own themes, too.

Most meta-tags are now set by Typemill with this new function, so you don't have to add them manually to the theme anymore. There are two very good reasons for this:

  • If Typemill introduces a new meta-tag like the noindex-tag from version 1.5.0, then you don't have to update all themes because the new tag will be set automatically with the new function. This makes the maintenance of the themes much easier.
  • In future you can manipulate the existing tags or even add completely new tags with a plugin. There are many usecases for this, for example you can create an extended seo-plugin where you can add all kind of special meta-tags.

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