Typemill V2: The Editor

Another step has been taken: The Visual Editor has been refactored for version 2 of Typemill. Much has been optimised in the background, while the interface remains familiar.

The publish bar

Among other things, the publish bar at the bottom of the screen has been improved. The individual buttons are now more clearly named and also correspond in colour to the status of the respective article. In future, the current status of the article will also be displayed in the publish bar.

Animated Gif visual editor

In addition, the delete- and add-buttons for new elements have been moved from the right-hand side to the top and enlarged to make them easier to use. Visually, some components such as the table or the definition list have also been optimised.

Raw modus with code highlighting

The raw mode will in future be equipped with highlighting for Markdown and appear in a dark code design. This should improve the overview of the formatting and also make it visually clearer that the author can work on the raw formatting with the full markdown syntax.

Typemill V2 Raw Editor Screenshot

Next steps

The next step is to renew the meta tabs. The media library is also a big block of work. After that, the plugin system and the frontend page will be adapted. The schedule still looks good, a first alpha version could be released in July, but the alpha version will be a pure test version and cannot be used for productive sites.

See you in mid-June for the next update!