Typemill V2: A Better Navigation

With Typemill's interactive page navigation, editors can quickly and intuitively edit the content structure of the website. Version 2 of Typemill makes the editors' work even easier.

The current navigation caused problems especially with very extensive websites with deeper hierarchies. If you wanted to move a page from a lower folder to an upper folder, you first had to close all folders manually to shorten the drag-paths. With version 2 of Typemill, this work can be done with a single click. To do this, the editor will find two new buttons that expand and collapse the entire navigation.

animated gif with the new navigation of typemill v2

Of course, you can still expand or collapse each folder manually. Typemill remembers the current setting in the background. In addition, when collapsing all folders, the currently selected folder remains open.

Further optimisations

In addition to this obvious improvements, numerous details have been worked on:

  • The design has been revised and the overview has been improved, for example by separating the navigation points.
  • The more recognisable primary colour was chosen for the hover and active effects.
  • All superfluous icons have been removed. There are now only icons for new pages or folders and the icons for collapsing and expanding folders.
  • New pages and folders can now be entered directly and created by button. This eliminates the need for another click.
  • The element for new pages or folders is now collapsed with the folder.
  • The element has been generally revised and redesigned.

In the background, the code has once again been completely revised and simplified. The clear code will make maintenance and further development much easier in the future.

Next steps

Currently, the visual editor for the content area is being reworked. Superficially, there will only be a few visual refreshments. In the background, however, the code for the visual editor will also be largely rewritten.

The schedule looks quite good at the moment. After the visual editor, the raw editor, the tabs and the frontend page are still missing. In addition, the plug-in connection still needs to be renewed. The fine-tuning and final work will also take some time. After that, a first alpha release for testing is planned.

See you in mid-May for the next update!