Typemill V2: Release Candidat 1

Today, you can download the first release candidate of Typemill V2. Please DO NOT USE it in production; only use it for testing in a local environment.

There are still quite a lot of errors and some open tasks, but there are also numerous improvements that are worth mentioning. If you want to test this version, you can download it here or use the dev-branch on GitHub. Again, please note that Typemill 2.0.0 runs on PHP version 8.0.0 and higher.

typemill-version-2-release-candidate-1 (ZIP, 1.93 MB)

If you find any bugs or have any other notes, you can leave them on GitHub.

What Has Been Done

In the last four weeks, we've made significant improvements and completed several features:

  • Started working on responsive design (work in progress).
  • Implemented on-the-fly image resizing and grayscale conversion.
  • Integrated php-formbuilder for frontend forms.
  • Added a sanitizer for SVG images.
  • Introduced an update checker.
  • Implemented proxy detection (not yet tested).
  • Enhanced the feature for deleting content folders.
  • Added the sitemap feature.
  • And much more...

I have decided to remove the ping feature that notified search engines like Bing and Google about changes in the sitemap because the implementation was hardcoded and a bit hacky. Since all publishing actions trigger an event, the ping feature should be implemented within the event system. This means that a plugin would be the best place to ping external services. As I've been working on a small SEO plugin for some time, I will integrate this feature there. The SEO plugin will be published under the new license, making it a paid plugin.

What's on Our To-Do List

The list of pending tasks is gradually shrinking, with some larger tasks remaining:

  • Continuing work on responsive design (just getting started).
  • Integrating Captcha.

These are the major items, but there are also many smaller features and fixes still to be addressed. These include secure markdown rendering, Typemill utilities for the frontend, a reference feature, form data handling, extensive testing, bug fixing, and documentation updates. Additionally, there are numerous plugins that need updating, most of which will occur after the release of Typemill V2. However, there is a light at the end of the tunnel, and I am quite confident that we can stick to the timeline.

The Release Plan

Currently, we have the following release schedule in mind:

  • Typemill 2.0.0-rc2 (Release Candidate 2) - Mid-September
  • Typemill 2.0.0-rc3 (Release Candidate 3) - Mid-October
  • Typemill 2.0.0 Official Release - End of October?

Please note that there may be additional work in October, including updating the Typemill website, updating websites for plugins and themes, updating more plugins, rewriting documentation, and more. So, when the official release goes online, it's possible that not all plugins will be updated and available for the new version. Therefore, the final release date will be determined based on when I believe Typemill V2 is more or less ready for production use.

A Note About Tracking

Typemill does not use trackings by default, but this newsletter does. A reader noted, that all links are rewritten for tracking purposes. I use mailerlite for this newsletter and I did not find any way to disable the link tracking. I hope you don't mind too much (most newsletters do that), since I really do not have the time to change the newsletter service right now. When Typemill V2 is finished I have to upgrade to mailerlite2 and I hope there will be ways to configure these details.

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