Typemill V2: A first developer release

There is still a lot of open tasks for Typemill version 2, but anyway, I decided to publish a very first developer release to get a bit more feedback from the community. Please DO NOT USE this version in production, but if you want to have a look on a local installation, then here you go!

Typemill 2.0.0 devevloper release (ZIP, 1.92 MB)

You can also use the branch tm2-dev on github to download the latest developer version. Typemill 2.0.0 runs with PHP version 8.0.0 and higher.

The setup screen of typemill 2.0.0

What has been done

In the past weeks I finished a lot more tasks, so you can get a good impression on how version 2 of Typemill will work and feel. The media-library is done, the post-feature is done, and the password recovery is finished. Additionally, there have been a lot of small improvements and refactoring again.

What are the todos

Well, there is a pretty long list of open todos, including the captcha-integration, the proxy-feature, the sitemap, the pings, the update notifications, and much more. I included a task-list as a content page in the developer release so you can get an impression of the status quo.

It would be very helpful to get some general feedback or some specific feedback about missing features or new bugs. Please use this ticket on GitHub and post your feedback as a comment: https://github.com/typemill/typemill/issues/407

A rough release plan

Since I have only sporadic time to work on Typemill right now, there is no clear release plan. I hope that this situation will improve with the license system of version 2, so that I can spend more and more regular time on this wonderful project. I will continually improve version 2 until it is ready for production. Right now I plan to make regular releases like this:

  • Typemill 2.0.0-dev developer-release (03.08.23)
  • Typemill 2.0.0-rc1 release candidate 1 (end of August)
  • Typemill 2.0.0-rc2 release candidate 2 (mid of September)
  • Typemill 2.0.0-rc3 release candidate 3 (mid of October)
  • Typemill 2.0.0 official release (end of October?)

See you in some weeks!