Version 1.4.7: Improved paginations and image handling

Version 1.4.7 of Typemill adds a lot of small fixes and some minor features, especially the option to use the original image instead of the resized version when you upload a new image in the blox-editor. This features does only work for the blox-editor, it does not work for images that you upload in the meta-tabs. This version also adds a complex fix for the back- and forward-navigation. Also check the new version of the search plugin that has been released some days before.

painting of a windmill
Image from Pixabay from Pexels
  • Feature: Added a no-resize checkbox to use original images for live version.
  • Feature: Added span-style footnotes for w3c footnotes specification for ebook-creation.
  • Added link to iso-639-1 codes for language attributes.
  • Updated JavaScript- and CSS-libraries.
  • Fixed file upload vulnerability.
  • Fixed ampersand and other error in headlines.
  • Fixed empty notice and added notice-4 style.
  • Fixed broken pagination after delete cache file.
  • Fixed next/previous paginations.
  • Fixed error with custom image generation to get resized version.
  • Fixed error with editor role (edit-buttons where missing).
  • Fixed wrong if-statement for displayErrorDetails flag.
  • Fixed missing condition to check cache control/refresh cache.
  • Cyanine: Fixed print design (logo-size, hide items)
  • Cyanine: Fixed uppercase/title in breadcrumb.
  • Cyanine: Fixed images for blog-posts and improved style.
  • Cyanine: Improved download icon.
  • Cyanine: Improved font sizes for mobile version.

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