Version 1.4.6 Optimizations

Hey there, Typemill 1.4.6 is there with a brand new background image!!! And there are many more small changes, see the list below. Be aware, that Typemill 1.4.6 requires PHP 7.3, so test your server before you upgrade !!! The Documentation and related plugins/themes will be updated in the comming days.

Foto from Niki Nagy on Pexels

Yes, the changes are not revolutionary after three month of work. But the reason is, that we still work on the highly complex subscription plugin, that will be released as an alpha testing version, soon.

  • BREAKING: Due to some dependencies Typemill 1.4.6 requires PHP 7.3 and higher.
  • BREAKING: The CSRF check does not break the code anymore but simply returns an attribute. This means, that you have to handle a csrf-error yourself in a plugin, if you use forms outside of the formgenerator from the plugin class.
  • Editor: Code-Blocks have a language attribute now.
  • Editor: Definition lists can have multiple definitions now.
  • Editor-Navi: Added a button to collapse folders in the editor navi.
  • Formbuilder: Exceed maxlength of textareas and paragraphs from 1.000 to 10.000 characters.
  • Editor: Added v-pre to initial content to fix error, when vue-syntax is used in initial content/code-blocks.
  • Editor: Fix overlapping tabs in the medialib when opened in a meta-tab.
  • Editor: Open modal window when user switches from raw editor to visual editor with unsafed changes.
  • Editor: Fixed error for blog-posts when editor deletes manual date (date from created is used as fallback now).
  • Users: New event onUserConfirmed
  • Users: Fix serialize indexes for extended user search.
  • Users: Fix sorting users is not case-sensitive anymore.
  • Users: New event onUserDeleted
  • Users: Fix no error anymore if userrole does not exists
  • Users: Last login has readable format now for admin
  • Users: Usertable is now a table instead of a list.
  • Users: Improved search field for many users
  • Plugins: Dependencies are now described in yaml and displayed in each plugin-box
  • Plugins: New property $this->path returns path without slashes at the end and the beginning.
  • Plugins: New property $this->adminpath returns true if path starts with /tm/ do any changes. Will improve that in upcomming releases.
  • Cyanine: Added option to use the meta image of the homepage as a background image for intro-element.
  • Cyanine: Intro element has smaller font now and all headlines will have break-words now.
  • Cyanine: Fix theme for highlight plugin (no background anymore).
  • Cyanine: Added option for logo on landingpage
  • Cyanine: Fixed size of footer
  • Cyanine: Added translations for next/previous link.
  • Cyanine: Added translations for expand button.
  • Cyanine: Option to overwrite the copyright line.
  • Cyanine: Add images to list of blogposts.
  • Cyanine: Optimized print version.
  • Cyanine: Option to add a print button on content pages.
  • Content: Updated the initial content and added video tutorials.
  • Content: Added links to video-tutorials in settings-page.
  • Content: Updated readme-file.
  • Content: Added some new english translations.

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