Version 1.4.3: Improve User and Register

Version 1.4.3 is mainly a preparation release for the register plugin. It improves the user handling and cleans up a lot of code.

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The changes in version 1.4.3 are:

  • User: Added raw userdata in profile (readonly for admin)
  • User: Validate user with and without "_" (inactive user)
  • User: Check if email is in use and avoid duplicates.
  • User: Added new test for twig-templates if user is logged in (is_loggedin).
  • User: Added new (optional) button for logged in users to Cyanine theme.
  • New: Added new event onCacheUpdated which allows you to run kind of pseudo crons in your plugins.
  • New: Added new function in writeModel to rename a file.
  • Cleanup: Deleted color-picker.js and normalize.css everywhere.
  • Cleanup: Switched all ajax calls to axios.
  • Cleanup: Updated axios library to latest patch version.
  • Fix: File-Upload got fixed, file extension is not written to file anymore.
  • Documentation: The documentation for Publishers, this is work in progress.
  • Test: Updated Cypress tests for visual editor.
  • Plugins: Published older plugins for email, cookieconsent and contact form on plugin homepage.
  • Plugin: Published new register plugin.

Once again the main feature published with version 1.4.3 is a plugin. This time, we published a register plugin, that allows you to add a public registration page to your Typemill website. It is a standard double opt-in registration with a confirmation email. The registered users get the role "member". Right now they only have access to their own account details.

You can extend the registration-steps in the plugin and add more steps with additional forms. For the next versions of Typemill we plan a subscription-plugin, that will add another registration step where the user can buy a subscription and add details for an invoice that will be send automatically.

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