Version 1.4.4: Access Control

Version 1.4.4 introduces a detailed access control on the page level. You can restrict access of each page to users and/or to userroles now. You can also customize the restriction notice and wrap it into a notification box. Optionally you can also use a horizontal line to cut the public content on a restricted page.

Screenshot member area for Typemill
Check the live example.

The detailed changelog for version 1.4.4:

  • New: Added conditional fields in meta-tab to restrict access to users or roles.
  • New: Added new section in settings for access control.
  • New: Added new notice-box (level 4) with restriction notice.
  • New: Added user role selection field in vue-formbuilder. Use select field with dataset: userroles
  • New: Added new event onRestrictionsLoaded.
  • Changed: Select field to restrict whole page is checkbox now.
  • Fix: ToC-Element not dublicated for published pages in visual editor anymore.
  • Fix: Session check in frontend is only available if a session in frontend has started.
  • Fix: YouTube-videos work again now, was broken because of new figure element for images.
  • Fix: Some more vue.js errors are fixed now, some others have to be resolved later.
  • Cyanine: Deleted checkbox to show userbutton in frontend.
  • Cyanine: Fixed typographic error in info-section of landingpage.

You can see the new settings in the section "Access Control" in the Typemill settings page:

Screenshot access control settings of Typemill

If you have activated the page restrictions, then you will see two new fields in the meta-tab of each page:

  • Restrict access to certain roles. Select the minimum role that should get access. All higher roles will have access, too.
  • Restrict access to certain users: Add a username to restrict the access to a certain user. Several users can be added with a comma.

You can combine these new features with the registration plugin introduced with version 1.4.3 and create restricted content for registered users only. The final piece of the puzzle is the subscription plugin. The development will start soon and we will try to release the plugin in the first half of 2021.

Keep on publishing!

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