Version 1.4.2: Small Improvements

Version 1.4.2 provides only some small improvements, the main goal was to support the next version of the new eBook-Plugin 1.1.0. The most significant change of Version 1.4.2 is the updated htaccess file, that allows to create base-folders with reserved names like "system", "settings" or "themes". You should update your htaccess file if you want to create those folder-names.

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  • Published: Version 1.1.0 of the eBook-Plugins.
  • Updated htaccess: You can now create base folders with names like "system", "settings" or "themes" and they won't collide with the typemill-folders.
  • Updated: Upgraded to latest version of vue 2.
  • Improved: Nearly all components are moved to the shared vue file, so you can also use them in plugins with a new navigation item in the settings.
  • Improved: CSS can be added to editor now.
  • Improved: Moved data-transformation of customfields from php to vue.
  • Improved: You can return now the pure Valitron object to perform validations with the typemill validation object.
  • Added: Add more url-schemes for external links in the settings.
  • Added: Disable the typemill headers if you want your own.
  • Added: New event onMetaDefinitionsLoaded. Used to add a new tab with a plugin programmatically.
  • Added: The item is now passed from the main vue app to the children components.
  • Fixed: Some vue properties are removed from component-data if they are initialized in parent already.
  • Fixed: List of posts is now hidden if you switch to another tab.

Update htaccess

If you want to update your htaccess file, then please use the new htaccess-file and copy/configure your individual settings there. You can then create base-folders with reserved typemill-names like "System", "Themes" or "Settings".

We will introduce the new eBook plugin in a second post. The new version runs in page-tabs, so you can create multiple publications from one website!

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