Version 1.4.0 Micro-Publishing with Typemill

Version 1.4.0 is out with some breaking changes and with a brand new ebook plugin (beta), that will turn Typemill into a book production studio for micro-publishers. The breaking changes require an update of your theme! You can download the new version from the startpage of typemill.


Version 1.4.0 had a very little error with a pretty dramatic result: Meta data where not stored due to a typo. So please use that has been published today (23.10.2020).

Four windmills
Photo by Chris Ouzounis on Unsplash

Update your Theme

Version 1.4.0 has a breaking change so old themes will probably not work correctly with Typemill 1.4.0. If you use one of the free theme, then please actualize your theme, soon. If you created your own theme, then please delete the base-url in your theme. Read more on GitHub.

Here is a list of changes, you can find more details about the changes on GitHub:

  • Visual editor: More than one h1 levels are possible now.
  • Visual editor: Fired new event to eventBus when markdown is updated.
  • Visual editor: Images not removed from notice component anymore.
  • Visual editor: Edited block must be closed with cancel or saved now to avoid data loss.
  • Visual editor: Blocks are now detected with parsedown, headlines and other elements do not need empty line anymore.
  • Visual editor: moved medialib to shared scripts to integrate into plugins.
  • HTML: Added prefix h- to headlines to avoid js-errors with ids starting with numbers.
  • HTML: Links of media have absolute urls now, all others are not rewritten with relUrl anymore.
  • HTML: ToC-ul fixed.
  • Images: Support of WebP format.
  • Images: Image manipulation fixed (wrong validation).
  • Settings: Standard sizes for images can be edited in settings now.
  • Settings: Twig-Cache can be activated now.
  • Settings: Cache can be deleted with a button in settings now.
  • Settings: Apllication erros can be activated in settings now.
  • Settings: Added support for proxy-setups.
  • Moved: Assets are initialized with a middleware now.
  • Moved svg-symbols into one include file.
  • Added translations from community
  • Added csrf data to blank templates for plugins
  • Fixed: Error messages of system check corrected.
  • Fixed: added space to fix html error for links with css-class "active".
  • Fixed: validation error of image types, you can upload allowed image types without error now.
  • Fixed: Optimized createUser logic.
  • Fixed: Error with writeCache.
  • Fixed: Plugin can add multiple routes with same url but different methods now.
  • Fixed: Optimized design of 404 page.
  • Fixed: Added variable check to loadTranslations.
  • Fixed: Improved some stylings for admin area.
  • Fixed: Various fixes related to proxy and url.

These are the changes for themes and especially the cyanine theme:

  • Themes: Deleted the baseurl.
  • Themes: Meta-Tag OG-image is now hero-image, fallback is first image in article, fallback logo.
  • Cyanine: Canonical url corrected.
  • Cyanine: Refactored colors completely, you can create dark-mode color-scheme without aditional css.
  • Cyanine: Added alternative title and markdown field that overwrites content for landingpage
  • Cyanine: You can choose between layoutsizes normal, large and full size.
  • Cyanine: Optimized font variables and fallbacks.

Cyanine Colors

If you created your own color-scheme with Cyanine, then it will probably break and you will have to recreate it.

We will upload updates for all themes within the next days and we will also publish a separate post about the new ebook plugin soon.

I was on parental leave so this release took a very long time (more than three month). The upcomming releases will be much faster, new versions are usually published every four weeks.

Typemill is an open source software and a registered trademark. Read more