Version 1.0.X: Introduce Typemill

#Version 1.0.5: Table of Contents

Release date: 30.11.2017

  • Improvement: Character encoding for the navigation has improved. You can try to use other characters than english for your file names now, but there is no garanty for it. If the characters do not work in the navigation, please use english characters only.
  • Improvement: A [TOC]-tag for generating a table of contents is now implemented. You can use the tag anywhere in your text-files, but please use a separate line for it. Update the theme for stylings.

#Version 1.0.4: Bugfixes

Release date: 17.11.2017

  • Bugfix: Settings file was generated after a page refresh, this is fixed now.
  • Improvement: Cleaned up the load and merge process for settings, managed in a new static class now.

#Version 1.0.3: Getting Slim

Release date: 14.11.2017

Main improvement is a litte build process, that strips out all developer related files and reduces the size of typemill dramatically from 2.5 MB to less then 1 MB (gzipped).

  • Bugfix: Deleted a config-file in the download-version, that broke the setup url.
  • Improvement: Meta-title is now created with the first h1-headline in the content file. File-name is used as fall back. Please update the theme-folder with the theme-folder of version 1.0.3!!! This will improve SEO.
  • Improvement: Stripped out all developer files in the download-version. This reduced the size of the zip-download from 2.5 MB to 800kb.
  • Improvement: Changed Namespace from "System" to "Typemill".

#Version 1.0.2: Bugfix

Release date: 02.07.2017

  • Bugfix: The theme can now be changed in the yaml-file again.

#Version 1.0.1: Google Sitemap

Release date: 01.05.2017

  • Bugfix: Index file in the content folder won't break the building of the navigation tree anymore.
  • New Feature: Added a google sitemap.xml in the cache folder.
  • New Feature: Added a version check, an update message can be displayed in theme now.

#Version 1.0.0: Hello TYPEMILL!

Release date: 13.04.2017

The first alpha version of typemill with all basic features for a simple website:

  • Content with Markdown files and folders
  • Settings with YAML and a setup page
  • Themes with Twig and six theme variables
    • {{ content }}
    • {{ description }}
    • {{ item }}
    • {{ breadcrumb }}
    • {{ navigation }}
    • {{ settings }}

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