Typemill is a user-friendly and lightweight open source CMS for publishing text-works like manuals, documentations, wikis, studies, prosa, lyrics, and more. Just download and start.

Modern Publishing For Writers

Typemill has a clear focus on the author experience and provides a dashboard for distraction free editing and web-publishing. Try the new fancy visual editing mode for markdown (experimental) and organize your content-pages with drag & drop like on your file system.

Feature Highlights

Great Editing

Switch between a pure markdown editor and a visual editor with direct HTML-preview.

Smart Reordering

Reorder your content with drag & drop in the navigation.

Easy Publishing

Create drafts, store changes or unpublish pages with one click.


There is no setup! Just create a new user with the setup form and you are done.


Add plugins, configure options or develop your own with php.


Choose themes, configure options or create your own with Twig.

... and much more:

  • Flat-file with pure markdown
  • Cookie-free websites
  • Cookie consent plugin if you need
  • Analytics plugin for Matomo and GA
  • Math plugin for KaTeX and MathJax
  • Automatic table of contents (TOC)
  • Footnotes, tables, abbreviations and definition lists
  • Chapters, paginations, breadcrumbs and more
  • Based on PHP Slim-Framework
  • Modern author panel with VUE.js
  • Plugins with symfony event dispatcher