Typemill is a user-friendly and lightweight open source CMS for publishing text-works like prosa, lyrics, manuals, documentations, studies and more. Just download and start.

AUTHORS will fall in LOVE with MARKDOWN

Stop messing around with Markdown! With the Visual Markdown Editor of Typemill you can format any text even if you do not know the markdown syntax in detail. It is a super modern block editor created with vuejs (work in progress).

Get some insights:

Paragraph Headline Ordered list Unordered list Image Table Quote Table of Contents Definition list Code Math Soft linebreak

Feature Highlights

Great Editing

Switch between a pure markdown editor and a visual editor with direct HTML-preview.

Smart Reordering

Reorder your content with drag & drop in the navigation.

Easy Publishing

Create drafts, store changes or unpublish pages with one click.

No Setup

Just create a new user with the initial registration form and you are done. No setup needed!


Gzip-file of the whole CMS is just 1.5 MB. With a theme and some plugins included!!!


Typemill is very fast even without complicated caching. And you can use the TWIG-cache if you really want...


Add plugins, configure options or develop your own with php.


Choose themes, configure options or create your own with Twig.

Modern Tech

Typemill is based on the SLIM-Framework, admin interface is created with VUE.JS, template engine is TWIG.

Use Cases and Inspirations


TYPEMILL is a perfect alternative to static website generators, if you want to create a documentation that is editable for non-techies.

Small Wikis

Ok, TYPEMILL is not really a wiki system, but it is still great for several editors, who want to create a shared knowledge base.

Pillar Websites

Want to explain one topic in depth? The clear hierarchical structure of TYPEMILL is perfect for that and search engines will love it.

Prose & Lyrics

Prose, lyrics, and web books work great with TYPEMILL because it supports chapters, breadcrumbs, table of contents and much more.


A single page is not enough for your extended tutorial? Use TYPEMILL and create a whole website with all the topics you want to teach!

Handbooks & Manuals

Are you looking for a lightweight solution for your corporate handbook or your product manuals? Here you go...