Use Typemill without the admin

If you want to create content for your Typemill website, then you do not have to use the admin area and the Typemill editor. Instead, you can write your markdown-files somewhere else and then upload the files to the content folder of Typemill.

As of version 1.5.0 you have to set the feature refreshcache to true explicitly (directly in the settings.yaml or with the checkbox in the settings area). This will make sure, that the cached content-tree, the cached navigation, and the sitemap will be recreated every 10 minutes. If this feature is activated, you can also trigger the recreation of the cache with a hard browser refresh when you open your typemill website.

You have t o follow some naming conventions if you create your content files manually. The files are ordered by a numeric prefix like 01-, 02-, 03-. Posts are ordered by a date-prefix like ....

Typemill will use your file names to generate a slug and to create a navigation title. We can not guarantee that all language specific characters in your file names are read correctly. And we cannot guarantee that the slugs are created in an expected way for each language.

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