What is Typemill?


Typemill is a Content Management System (CMS) just like WordPress. But different to WordPress, Typemill has a special focus on authors and publishers. Typemill helps authors and publishers ...

  • to create a website,
  • to transform the website into one or more eBooks (PDF),
  • to build up a membership-area with additional content,
  • and (in future) to sell subscriptions to your members.

You can do all this with WordPress, of course. But it probably won't be easy. You will have to install a lot of plugins. And you will probably use a lot of complicated technologies.

If you want to create a reading community and sell content or ebooks, then you have to install some plugins for Typemill, too. But Typemill does not want to become a blog system, an ecommerce store, a discussion software, or a job board. It just wants to be a publishing system for authors. And it wants to do this job right.

Typemill differs in many more aspects. Typemill is a so called flat-file-system and does not need a database. Typemill is very lightweight (1MB zipped). The content is structured hierachically. Posts by date are only a side-feature. And Typemill uses Markdown instead of HTML.

#The Vision of Typemill for Tomorrow

Typemill wants to become the WordPress for authors and publishers. Whenever people or small companies think about publishing, they should talk about Typemill. You can already create websites, transform them into professional eBooks (PDF), and create a membership with the register-plugin. The subscription plugin will be released in 2021.

There are many more ideas for the future. You probably know leanpub.com, and there are other cool projects like the former atavist. It is too early to talk about ideas right now, but there is much space for new solutions in the field of publishing.

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