What is Typemill?

Typemill is a Content Management System (CMS) just like WordPress. But different to WordPress, Typemill has a special focus on authors and publishers with a publishing project in mind. Typemill is perfectly suitable for documentations, manuals, handbooks, web-novels, and similar publications. Typemill makes sense for small companies, small publishers, and for individual authors.

Typemill helps companies, publishers and authors ...

  • to create a website,
  • to transform the website into one or more eBooks (PDF),
  • to build up a membership-area with additional content,
  • and (in future) to sell subscriptions to your members.

Typemill differs in many more aspects from WordPress. For example, Typemill is a so called flat-file-system and does not need a database. Typemill is very lightweight (1MB zipped). The content is structured hierachically. Posts by date are only a side-feature. And Typemill uses Markdown instead of HTML.

If you want to compare Typemill with other solutions, then Typemill is similar to Ghost CMS, but different to Ghost it is not for online magazines and blogs, but for web-based book-projects. So it is similar to leanpub.com? Yes and no. Leanpub is a Saas-Service for creating and selling single books, while Typemill is a self-hosted cms for creating websites AND ebooks and monetizing both with subscriptions.

Still not clear? Well, then just check the video-tutorials or directly install and test it.

Typemill is an open source software and a registered trademark. Read more