Upgrade Guide

If you are using Typemill version 1, it's advisable to wait for Version 2.1.0 to ensure a smooth and battle-tested transition. Be aware that old plugins and themes are not compatible with Typemill version 2. Please wait for the updated plugins and themes starting with the version number 2.0.0.

If you're eager to upgrade your Typemill installation immediately, follow these steps:

Step 1: Create a Backup

  • Download all your website files to your local machine to create a backup.
  • You will need this backup to restore your content and data after a fresh installation.

Step 2: Perform a Fresh Installation

  • Ensure that your server is running PHP 8.0.0 as this version is supported by both Version 1 and Version 2 of Typemill.
  • Download Typemill Version 2 from the startpage.
  • Completely delete your current live website.
  • Upload Typemill Version 2 to your server.
  • Visit the website and create a new admin account.

Performing a fresh installation is necessary to ensure that all the new files for Version 2 of Typemill are properly set up. You can refer to the installation guide for assistance.

Step 3: Restore Your Content

  • If you made individual changes in your htaccess file, copy and paste these changes into the new htaccess file and upload it.
  • Upload all the files from your backup that are located in the /content folder to your new live installation.
  • Similarly, upload all the files from the /media folder in your backup to your new live installation.
  • If you had other users, upload the user files into the /settings/users folder.
  • If you had custom CSS for your theme, upload the custom CSS file from your /cache folder into the new /cache folder.

Step 4: Manual Configuration

You will need to configure your system and themes manually once again. This ensures that no old configurations will interfere with your new website. Alternatively, if you find this process time-consuming, you can copy and paste selected configurations from your old settings.yaml file into your new settings.yaml file.

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