Version 1.5.3: eBook update

Version 1.5.3 has some smaller updates, mostly to support the new version 1.4.0 of the eBook-plugin. The changes are:

  • Fix code for first image in meta
  • Fix overflow of image in image component
  • Fix dispatcher for plugins.
  • Fix design errors for vue formbuilder
  • Increase length for title and author to 50 characters.
  • Use version number for cachebusting.
  • Strip out params for asset urls like css and js so you can use fingerprints there, too.
  • Parsedown: fix error when shortcodes are stripped out.
  • Parsedown: Option to exclude attributes.
  • Parsedown: Option to allow only certain shortcodes.
  • Initialize formBus in central template for all vue components
  • Cyanine: Added styles for forms.

Like always, download it from the startpage

#eBook plugin version 1.4.0

The main purpose of the new Typemill release is to support the new features of the eBook-plugin.

The new features of version 1.4.0 are:

  • Create multiple ebook projects from the whole page in the settings.
  • Add custom css to each theme layout.
  • Migrated many improvements from the report layout to the layouts manual and typemill.
  • Fixed a bug with the thumbindex, so it is not visible in the tabs if feature is off.
  • Option to activate and deactivate shortcodes in the ebook
  • Fixed bug with epub generation if content has various levels.

Many more plugins have been updated, especially the email-plugin and the contactform.

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