Version Fixes and a Glossary Style

Typemill contains some fixes and adds a new option to the standard cyanine theme to display pages or posts inside a folder in a glossary style.

Update Plugins first

Before you update your Typemill-installation, please update your plugins first, otherwise your website might show an error or a blank site. The reason for this: Some plugins used an incorrect syntax and an updated third-party-library does not accept those errors in the syntax anymore.

The changes of version

  • Cyanine theme: The theme provides an option to display folder content in a glossary style now. You will find a checkbox in the meta-tab for it.
  • Cyanine theme: Buttons have custom colors now.
  • Fix: Special characters like & work correctly now if you switch into raw mode.
  • Updates: Several third-party-libraries have been updated to newer versions.

Not many changes as you can see but we will intensify the development for Typemill now.